1. Ribozum QuizScan Saves Teachers Time


a. Ribozum QuizScan automatically randomizes tests three different ways - question groups, questions nested within a group, and options and answers that are nested within each question.


b. Automatic grading saves the day when tests are randomized. What would take hours is accomplished in seconds with accuracy.


2. Ribozum QuizScan Cheatproofs Tests


a. Test questions and answer/choice positions are randomized so that no two tests are the same.


3. No Answer Key Management Headaches


a. Never worry about having to handle and manage answer keys. The answer key for each and every test is managed automatically by Ribozum QuizScan.


4. Test Student's Improvement


a. Students can be tested on the same content, but the questions and the answer/choices will be in different positions.


b. A student's knowledge of a subject can be tested over and over without increasing a student's familiarity with the order of the questions on a test.


5. Ribozum QuizScan Motivates Students with Immediate Feedback


a. Students receive graded tests quickly.


b. Teachers can reprint the student's test with the test results on the original test page. This includes their final score and correct/incorrect marks for each question as well as point values





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