1. Standard Equipment


a. Works with just about any multifunction printer or individual printer and scanner.


2. Cheat Proof


a. Every student's test is unique. Ribozum QuizScan randomizes questions and answers.


b. No need to manually create different ordered test questions to help prevent cheating.


c. With Ribozum QuizScan there's no need to have an answer key that might get lost or stolen.


3. Simple Marks


a. Students can mark the bubbles with pen, pencil, or marker.


4. Questions And Bubble Choices Are On The Same Page


a. Students won't accidentally fill in the wrong bubbles as can sometimes happen when the question/answer test and the bubble sheet are two different pages.


5. No Costly Bubble Sheet Forms


a. Create quizzes and tests using normal office copy paper.


6. Automatic Digital Collation


a. Test pages do not need to be collated before they are scanned.


b. Ribozum QuizScan collates tests as they are being scanned.


7. Accurate page and question/answer identification


a. No matter how many pages of randomized questions and answers are included in a test, Ribozum QuizScan identifies all items accurately.


8. Automatic Grading


a. Single and Multiple page randomized tests are automatically graded quickly and easily saving teachers and their assistants hours of work.





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