Capture fleeting ideas

I had this really great idea. But I can't remember what it is. I can't even recall what it is related to. Was it work related or a new invention? I have this feeling that it was going to revolutionize a lot of people's lives... Well, at least mine.

Out of the tens of thousands of thoughts each one of us has each day, there may be a few that give us that feeling that this an important thought to remember. And don't listen to that little voice that says, "You don't need to write this one down, 'cause this one you'll remember for sure." That little voice is your cue to write it down, right now!

We all stand on the shoulders of ideas that other people have had minutes, days, decades, centuries ago. It's these ideas that help us all make incredible strides forward. What if Thomas Edison's moments of inspiration went unrecorded? They might never have made it to the production stage and think of all the amazing inventions that we wouldn't have had. People love to look at Leonardo Da Vinci's sketches and accompanying notes. And we're still deriving great ideas from these, too.

I think you can see how important it is to write those ideas down. And guess what, many of these great thinkers did just that. They wrote their ideas down. Some succinct, others copious. But what they all had in common was that they wrote them down.

Today there are numerous ways to record your thoughts and ideas so there really is no excuse. What are they? Well, there's pen and paper, of course, and thousands of note taking apps. And then there's Ribozum.

So, today when you have that great inspiration, write it down. Do it for all of us.

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