Learn How To Create Tests

1. Learn How To Create Tests Using The Distributive Model


Ribozum QuizScan makes generating multiple choice options easy by allowing you to use the distributed model. The answers to each question within a question group are distributed randomly as the options. 

2. Learn How To Create Tests Using The Conventional Model


With Ribozum QuizScan it's easy to input questions, answers, and as many custom options as you choose.

3. Learn How To Create True/False Statements


This is one of the easiest quiz types to make.

4. Learn How To Create A Student List


Ribozum QuizScan has a simple way of organizing your student lists.

5. Learn How To Print Quizzes


Ribozum QuizScan manages all your print-outs in a published list

6. Learn How To Scan And Auto Grade Quizzes


Ribozum QuizScan automatically grades all your tests and quizzes.

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